Mobility Equipment, Durable Medical Equipment and Disposable Medical Supplies

helps individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities to access needed social and medical services. 

 offers comprehensive care to agencies and individuals by responding to the need for worship, personal visits, counseling and prayer. 


helps people with disabilities to maintain their daily activities and hygiene needs, by providing shower chairs, walkers, canes, wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment.

helps individuals with filing for Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security Administration, Veteran Administration Enrollment and Claims.  Arms Wide Open is a representative payee for the Social Security Administration.

To see if you are eligible for any federal, state or local benefits, please visit the national Council on Aging @

5036 Snapfinger Woods Dr. Ste 205; Decatur, Ga 30035

Office - 678-404-7696; CP - 404-376-5457; Fx - 770-498-2778

Case Management

Embracing People with  Disabilities and chronic Illnesses

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Community Chaplaincy